The first most important ingredient to manifest the life your want to live .


What is a burning desire?

Quoted by napoleon hill-

“The starting point of all achievements is DESIRE.”

What is it that you desire ?

What is it that you want ?

What is it that you truly want ?

What is your inner desire?

What is this desire which will impact your life and the lives of your loved ones?

What is your DeSIRe?

Make a column like this below-

Experience Growth Contribution

Under the column experience-

List down all the experiences you want to accomplish in this lifetime. These accomplishments or rather DeSIREs..

Under the column growth-

List all the baby steps (adjacent to the experiences) you are taking or you are willing to take or perform on a day-to-day basis.

Under the column Contribution-

List down all that your desire will help in contributing in this world.

For eg-


I want to experience becoming healthy and focus on my fitness level


I am making baby steps towards eating healthy and walking briskly everyday for 30 minutes


Helping friends and family become fit is my contribution in the community.



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Divyata Dewan

I am a transformational coach and a lifelong learner. I practice mindfulness and my goal is to transform life states with my writings.