The Power Of Burning Desire, Detachment From The Outcome

The Letter to Myself “The Burning Desire” Photograph by Divyata Dewan

What is desire, if you may ask? Napolean Hill quoted “Desire” in his book “Think and Grow Rich” as the burning desire. It is the starting point of all achievements. That is right. The starting point is the original idea that seeds your mind for your desired outcome. Desire is not just a wish Because wishes don’t come true. Desire is hope. Hope is faith. Faith resides in the power of your burning desire. Allow me to simplify it for you.

A desire could be for anything. Maybe you want a bigger house, a car, a dream job, or perhaps a relationship you feel empowered in. It could be as grand and as little as your want in your life. A desire is not just an ask; it is more significant than an ask. The coil burning the desire, the passion you have in your heart, in your head, or maybe both is what determines the intensity of it. When you may wake up every day, and if it is this one thing that you want, the one thing that you desire for, it is this one thing that you want so bad that you are ready to burn all the bridges behind your back. Now, this is called the power of burning desire. Power gives birth to the desire within yourself. Power in yourself, believe in yourself, the reason to find within your desire that justifies why this particular desire to manifest. When you carry a burning desire in your soul, this entire universe gets in action to bring you closer to what you desire. You do not have to force “the desire” on yourself, nor on the environment, people, circumstance, place, or thing. When you do not force it, you detach yourself from its outcome. When you start to find reasons for your want, begin to find ways and means to fulfill it, are fully involved in the doing part when you reside entirely within your desire that you start to feel from it instead of thinking of it. It is then when you have detached yourself from the outcome of your desire. You don’t live in the aspiration. Instead, the yearning lives you. Vincent Van Gogh once said: “I dream my painting, and I paint my dream.” It is when you walk, talk, eat, sleep your desire. Only when you walk, talk, eat, sleep, and perform naturalistic duties and actions from your longing. It is when you envision yourself from this burning desire of yours, being in this mental state of mind you are not only bringing your future into your reality but instead you are reliving your future YOU. It is only possible to manifest the life you want, the career you want, the relationship you want when this burning desire starts to burn this feeling inside you to make this FUTURE or DREAM life manifest in your life. Do not get caught up in words here. Whether I hold the ear from the front or back, I have the darn ear in my hand. You may wonder why I am reinstating it a million times now already?

Please allow me here to share my personal experience with you all. It was back in February 2021 when I had a desire. A desire for a fulfilling relationship. A relationship that I wanted to manifest in my life. The feeling to let it all come true was so strong, so burning that one fine day I sat down to write down all that I wanted from this relationship that I was looking for to come true in reality. I made it so DEFINITE that it clarified who I was becoming in this future relationship and what I was chasing to become of myself. Every night right before going to bed and after waking up in the morning, I read aloud this letter I wrote to myself. While reading it one fine morning, I started to live from my letter. All-day long, I used to smile silly. I used to daydream about this “guy” I desired to manifest in my life. I defined my desire in my mind first. Precisely defined the structure, shape, size, and form. I started to talk alone as if I was making this dialogue with my “desire.” I was so engrossed in this dreamy world of mine that I detached myself from the outcome of it. I started to enjoy the doing-part of my dreamland world. If it sounds funny to you or unbelievable to you, I suggest you keep reading further. Your eyes will not believe what you will read next. Right on the exact date, it manifested in my life. More so, it came out proper, just like how I wanted it, just like how I desired it. On April 17th, I first met him, and on June 30th, I married him here, abiding by the Christian norm in Toronto, Canada. I am originally from India and culturally believe in Hinduism. Last year in December on the 29th I married again in India according to Indian rituals and traditions. In between this time travel, in the month of September, in the first week, we together traveled to Hawaii for a vacation. Time flies. The reason I am sharing my story with you all here is that I want to stress the words here as you read them “The Power of Burning Desire” is so strong that it attracts every atom in the cell of your being towards itself. This is the law of attraction readers. As is. I am sharing the picture of the letter in this story with you all. Feel free to connect and write to me if you want to discover more miracles! I am grateful to keep up the faith in myself, in my desire. Many people will laugh at you first, do not let their mockery lower your desires and aspirations. Believe in your burning “desire”, detach yourself from the outcome of it, and let the universe unfold it for you :)

Happily Married Ever After. Photograph by Divyata Dewan



I am a transformational coach and a lifelong learner. I practice mindfulness and my goal is to transform life states with my writings.

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